Just Sitting...

So I've got some random stuff for you right now. Enjoy!

Public schoolers, do you KNOW how loud a pep rally is? The marching band played the Star Spangled Banner and before all that it was just SO EXTREMELY CRAZY LOUD. I probably wouldn't do very well at a rock concert. ;) Anyway, I was really happy when I found out that we didn't have to stay and that we could just hang in the band room for the rest of the school day. Thank goodness!

 The past few days we have been doing this AWESOME project in biology. We've been working with the microscopes and different lenses and we just finished this cool project today. We chose five items of the natural world and then looked at them under the different objectives and sketched them, etc. It's super cool when you get to 400x and you cannot only see the individual cells, but the organelles inside them as well! Just think....the 3rd smallest thing in the universe. Cell organelles. (After sub-atomic particles and atoms) But the best part? I've used my camera to take pictures through the microscope, and it's totally rocking. I'll share them soon :)

I'm off to Olive's party soon, but I still need to wrap her present, write her card and pack.....shouldn't take me that long. :) I probably won't be able to post tomorrow, due to the party, show, and dance, but I promise to post pics on Sunday.

Happy Weekend Everybody!


Emma said...

Pep Rallies are loud! I haven't had one yet in highschool (I'm not there yet, teehee!) but I'm sure I'll be just like you. :)
Have fun at Olive Tree's partay!

Alex said...

Hey Cornet Crazie. I talked to my parents, and they said I could read it and comment, but I couldn't follow. Sorry :(

Cornet Crazie said...

Alex- That's totally fine. I'm happy enough that you are able to at least read and comment again.