Nearing The End

There's something about being out on a field for four hours or ever more in either 102º weather at the end of August, giving up your last week of summer, and then freezing to death in the throes of October nights that really pulls a group of people together. Which is why when I get to this part of the year, I have mixed emotions. I'm happy because the end of marching band frees up my Saturdays and some weeknights and I feel light it's just less stressful. But it's sad too. The group that you perform with in the marching band that year will never be the same again, because all the seniors are leaving at the end of the year. And right now, we're about to reach that end. Tonight's our final full ensemble practice, tomorrow marks our last sectional, and Saturday? Finals. Tonight's all about perfecting. Modifying, perfecting, fixing, perfecting, cutting, perfecting. It's all for Saturday, it's all for pride, reputation, and that new gold medal. It's thrilling. Here are a few pictures from last Saturday's practice and show for you to enjoy :)

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Ripple said...

Haha, in the first shot they (Matt) were telling me I was doing something wrong.