Blown Away

Yesterday was totally awesome! Yes, maybe that statement was totally cliché, but it's true! After our weekend off last week, the marching band was back at it yesterday, ready for the second half of the season. However, it was more than a little chilly, and the wind was going crazy! During practice I felt so bad for our drum major because it looked like he was going to fly right off the podium! There were times too, when I would be trying to march and the wind would suddenly have a particularly strong gust and I would feel myself get pushed back and forth and nearly toppled.

By the time the show started, the wind still hadn't died down and was blowing as forcefully as ever! Part of our uniform are these great black aussie hats that we stick towering black plumes into. They look amazing. However, because of the wind, there was a lot of plume carnage lying around at the end of our show! There was also a judge who picked up the fallen plumes and was totally waving them in our faces as if to say 'Is this yours?', WHILE we were performing! Luckily, my plume did not fly away, but stayed where it was supposed to on my hat.

Our performance itself was also quite spectacular. We had added in a vocal soloists, some new guard routines, a choreographed visual in the ballad, and some thinning in the beginning and we nailed all of it! I was very happy with the performance, and apparently the judges were too, because they gave us all fours. Yay us. (The staff will let us live.....)

After retreat we headed back home, but once we got back to the school we were off again! Pretty much all of the band members went to the nearest Friendly's, where we had a great time. I sat with five other good friends and we had a blast! It began when the waitress brought us our menus and my friend Kaylie asked if we could please have the kids menus. Yep. That's us. High schoolers eating off of the Friendly's kids menus. Good times. Other funny moments were when we got our bill and were trying to figure out how much each of our meals cost and the tip, etc. Harel, being the math loving kid that he is whipped out his phone and calculated the tip, while all the rest of us were trying to divide in our heads. It was pretty epic, plus just the fact that we were out at Friendly's at almost midnight just makes it fairly entertaining by itself.

It was such a fun night and I'm so excited for our two remaining shows in the 2010 season!!!

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Ripple said...

We are so good. I bet Friendly's hates us, but it's amazing. "The staff will let us live." I cracked up because it's so true!!!!