Sweet Seven Hundred

I think the title pretty much sums it right up, don't you? Sweet, sweet post seven hundred. But of course, you DO know what this means, don't you? I've been hinting it for quite a while:

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That's right! A fantastic contest with an even more awesome prize. Trust me, you DON'T want to miss out. 
So what's the contest all about? Well, as you can see from above, it's a photography contest, and the rules are quite simple. (It will be laid out in a similar way to how the 100 Followers Writing Contest)

Basic Facts:

•You may submit TWO photos (edited and watermarked is fine)
• Photos should follow the theme (The Essence of the Season)
• Deadline is in two weeks (November 12) I'm making this contest a little longer then usual because of all the people (including myself) doing NaNoWriMo.
• Pictures should have a description
• Images will be judged on a points scale by two judges


It's easy.

1. Find one to two photos of your that you think capture "The Essence of the Season" and work well with the points system.
2. Post the pictures on your blog, and then leave the link with your entry in a comment of this post.
3. Wait to see if I've dropped a comment  on your blog asking you to please come and visit- You've probably just won!


Theme- 40 points
Artistry- 30 points
Description- 10 points
Have Posted about Contest- 5 points
Follow Treble Clef- 5 points
Have Treble Clef's Button- 5 points
Have Contest Button- 5 points

TOTAL: 100 points

*For the last four things please post in a comment the link to your post and whether you have the buttons*

You must do everything to get full points!

And finally, the PRIZES!

EVERYONE who enters will receive a participation award.

3rd and 2nd place will get their own special awards

And the grand prize is a Robin Nest's Deluxe Package provided by Robin Blogs!
Valued at $35 this COMPLETE blog makeover includes:

1 background paper (scrolling or stable)
1 header
1 blog button
1 post divider (includes signature)
1 sidebar divider
1 "Older Posts" image
1 favicon
Custom size and layout of columns and post body
Up to 7 sidebar titles
Up to 7 framed sidebar photos
1 horizontal menu (underneath header)
And that's it! Please enter soon!


Emma said...

Oh, lovely! I can't wait to enter. :)

Kiki said...


My entries:

I follow Treble Clef and I have both buttons on my blog (at the very bottom of my sidebar). Does the post with the entries count as posting about the contest?


Elr√°nia said...

i'll do it for my next post!