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Shelley, at her blog Being Shelley, has tagged me! Thanks! (Shelley will be a featured blogger on here in a few weeks)

1) If you were stranded on an island and you could only order take out once, what restaurant would you order from? Ohhh. I probably would order on of the awesome foot-long veggie delight from Subway. Yum!

2) If you had a backstage pass to meet any band/singer in the world, who it be? ADAM YOUNG. There is no question. <3 Owl City <3

3) What was your favorite TV show when you were three? Favorite TV show? I have no idea.

4) Pick a song that describes you or the situation you're in as of right now. Umm. Hmm. Maybe...oh I don't know...

5) Post a picture of your favorite shoes : )I don't have a picture, but my favorite shoes are my lovely Converse All-Stars (who doesn't love them to death?) They are the awesome gray, purple and black plaid. <3

6) If you could create a new word to put in the dictionary, what would it be? Shelpy, which means, I like you. Let's see. How about fantabulus? Meaning AWESOME.

7) Are you a rush, rush, rush kinda person, or do you stop and smell the roses? I can be both at times. Like at school when I have to get to my next class, I rush, rush, rush. But on walks and hikes I like to stop and smell the roses! As a person, I try to be the stop and smell the roses type.
Most often? RUSH RUSH RUSH.

(8.Would you rather share a bedroom with an elk, or with someone who is constantly screaming in their sleep?  The elk. Probably quieter :P
9.What is your ideal job (mother, doctor, teacher, missionary, etc)? As I have mention *several* times before, I want to continue my life with music and become a band director.
10.Would you rather watch nothing but a show called "The Purple Ponies to the Rescue" for the rest of your life, or nothing but horror shows? Purple Ponies......Elr√°nia and I were watching Titanic (a great movie) and I couldn't even bear to watch the heart pounding race from the water at the end. 
11. What's your favorite school subject? Ummmmm. Band. Duh. Though I LOVE my honors biology class this year too :)

12.Would you rather live in a normal house, but with bricks for a bed, or live on a really neat playground with a normal bed? A playground! 
13 .Describe an embarrassing experience. I'm not sure I want to answer this....

14.Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings? LoTR!!!!!!!!!!!

15.What is your favorite music? I like a variety of music. My favorite pieces? Listen to my playlist.

16) If you could go back in time, and meet your past-self, would you want to meet your 10 year old self, 5 year old self, or 2 year old self? Well, I can remember being 10 quite well, and I remember a lot from being 5 but hardly anything from age 2 so I guess that.

17) If you could go anywhere in the world for only an hour, where would you go? *sigh* my traveling is gonna take a whole lot longer then that, sorry.

18) If you found a small purple lizard, what would you name it? Heliotrope. Heehee.

19) Would you rather be santa claus for a week, or the tooth fairy? Santa, oh yeah. No yucky teeth for me!

20) What is the one stuffed animal you own that you wish you could have as a pet? So I had this awesome alligator stuffed animal that had a puppet mouth (I recall using it to bite my very mean bus driver one year actually...) And her name was Baby Gator, although she was sometimes Princess too. Anyway, it was my favorite stuffed animal and it would be cool to have this little gator roaming the house.

21) If you were a famous fashion designer, what type of clothes would you design? No idea. I don't plan for that to be my career anyway.

22) If you could decorate any building on this planet, which one would you choose? What would it look like after you left your mark? Decorate? It would be the brightest colored, crazy random thing you've even seen.

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