Featured Blogger: Amanda

I've had the great pleasure of working with this lovely lady recently to have her featured her today. Introducing AMANDA!

What is your blogger name and why?
I don't have an "alias" on Blogger - Amanda is my real name (no, I'm not pulling your leg!). I'm not sure why I chose my real name over a cool (Elven, of course) name. Maybe I just wasn't creative enough at the time!

Are you a cat person or a dog person? 
Both! I have a German Shepherd and a spoiled rotten cat named Opal. You can read about both on my blog, however the cat gets more air time!

Describe your dream future. 
That's a hard one! I would love to be happily married, with kids, and work as a professional pianist or journalist. I'd also love to do mission work in Israel one day. In this sense, I'm a little odd - I don't have much thought out past college. I don't really care where I'd live - just as long as I can do what I love and serve Jesus (at the same time).

How long have you been on blogger?
I've been blogging since April 4th of this year! It's really exciting to meet so many people and grow so quickly in such a short time.

Do you have any pets? 
I have a dog, a cat, and a rabbit that are "mine". I live on a farm, so we have tons of animals all over the place! It's hard to get someone to pet-sit a farm. Trust me. :)

Do you have any siblings?
I have three little sisters.

What is your dream vacation? 
Oh, depends on whether it's a relaxing or working vacation! If it were a working vacation, I would love to volunteer for mission work in Israel. If it were a relaxing vacation, then I'd love to go to the United Kingdom and New Zealand!

What is the quote that speaks to you the most? 
"It is vain to sit down to write, if you have not stood up to live" ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. That's one of my favorites, however, I'm a bit of a quote junkie!

What are your favorite song lyrics?
*Goes to iPod to look at most played songs*. I have a lot of favorites, however, I love Tears Fall, by Barlowgirl, and Note To God by Charice. My favorites change all the time though - I have music ADHD. :)

Of these, which describes you best: Musician, writer, athlete, photographer, scholar, or artist? 
Just one? Darn... I would like to say Musician, but writer is probably the most fitting. In reality, it would be an even mix of both.

What faith do you practice (if any)? 
I'm a Christian!

What are some of your favorite foods? 
Nationality-wise, I love Israeli and Italian food. Other-wise, I love all things diary and chocolate! It's too difficult to narrow it down to specific dishes - the list would then have to be written on a paper towel roll.... ;)

How are you educated?
I am technically "educated at home", however I do my schooling through an online school. (The word "homeschooled" has always seemed to me to imply a dropout, local bad kid, ultra-smart geek, or extremely reclusive family. Of which I am none. But you knew that, right? Right?)

What are your favorite subjects in school? 
I love almost all of my school subjects, but I'm especially fond of Music, Social Studies, and English.

How long have you played piano? 
I've been playing piano for about 11-12 years. I'm not as good as I could be (as you might think), from the amount of time of taken, due to teacher switches, prolonged illness, and other factors. It's something that I love, and hope to pursue in the future as a career.

What are your siblings like?
(I'll refer to them using nicknames that my mom uses on her blog). D2 is the sister closest in age to myself. She absolutely loves sewing, singing, and anything having to do with Jane Austen. D3 is our horse lover - she rides, and is an animal whisperer. Pretty cool, huh? D4 is my youngest sister, who is at the stage where she'll spend hours upon hours reading and playing with her dolls. To fully satisfy her need for new books, I think we'd have to go to the library about three times a week!

What do you like to write about?
Fiction-wise, I really enjoy writing fantasy and contemporary Christian fiction (Mitford-style work, termed as "inspirational", in some circles). I have projects in both going, however, I can never find the time to work on them. I've also recently realized that I need to rewrite much of what I've done, since it's trapped inside my 14/15yr-old writing style, which has developed a LOT over the past few months. I also really have a passion for journalism, which is another thing I intend to pursue in college.

Have you always been 'schooled at home' or have you ever been to public school? 
I have always been schooled at home! Most people are shocked when I tell them that I've never sat inside a school classroom. That, however, will change, because of my upcoming PSAT test.
You can read Amanda's blog- Farmgirl Writes by clicking on the button below. Thanks Amanda! It was a joy interviewing you.
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Shelley said...

I enjoyed reading the interview! I'll go check out her blog too! And I'd love to be interviewed and featured on your blog! I'll email you! :)

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I love your blog... and I am proud to be considered your newest follower!!! :)

Bleah Briann

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Great interview! :) Amanda, you're very pretty. :)

Cornet Crazie said...

Welcome Bleah, but I thought you were mad at me...?