Life isn't's AWESOME

*happy sigh* Yesterday and this morning have totally been the best. Yesterday's classes were good, I had honors bio, band, french and gym, and there was no homework because of the long weekend ahead. I was in a very happy, bubbly, chatty mood and it was just an awesome day at school.

After school got out, I had about two hours of marching band. We just practiced music and then we went outside to do something really funny. During this hold set in the ballad we just added this visual choreography, and it's hilarious. We're like doing synchronized DANCING while playing our instruments. It's a pretty funny sight to see, and extremely hard to do without cracking up!

We got out of marching band at four, and at five I had four very good friends from band camp come over, and from now on I will refer to them as A, J, E and L. We hadn't seen each other since the end of July and so we were all talking a mile a minute and screaming happily. Later in the evening we went to a neighboring town to go on this AMAZING haunted hayride. So fun. It's not like extremely scary, but it's nice to have a little bit of fear while knowing that you are completely safe :)

We went out for pizza after, and then they all slept over, but they just had to leave :'( We had such a good time, and I hope I will get to see them soon. For now though, thank goodness for texting, Gmail and Facebook!

Other news- Going apple picking again today with my family, XanFan's got a soccer tournament this weekend, I'm working on transposing and arranging to choral version of the song When You Believe from Prince of Egypt to fit trumpet clarinet duet with piano accompaniment, and I'm starting to think about NaNoWriMo, because I REALLY want to do it but I'm not sure what to write about. Oh well, I'll think of something ;)

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