A Lovely Tag And Important Notice

Many thanks to Swirly Girl for this one:

1. What is your favorite book series?
Dearest readers, there are SO many. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, I could go on forever.

2. Which online networking site do you prefer?
Hmm, well, I suppose I have three and I like them all for different reasons. Blogger, Gmail and Facebook :)

3. What's your favorite animal(s)?
If we're talking domestic, then cats. If not, then I don't know but it certainly wouldn't be bears! *shudders*

4. What's your favorite eye color? Describe in detail!
*Random...* I like bright, vivid green eyes that are deep and mysterious...

5. And your favorite hair color?
I like what I have a lot. It's a really nice dark brown, but sometimes when the sunlight hits it just right, it shimmers all coppery. <3

6. Where do you *really really really* want to travel to?
I really want to go to France, and luckily that dream is going to come true in April!

7. Your favorite food?
Hmmm, WAY to may to choose from. I'll eat and like most anything OK as long as it doesn't have meat in it.

8. Tell your readers about your first day of high school (or if you're not in high school yet, then tell them about your first day of elementary or middle)
My first day of high school was so totally confusing because I had no idea how to get around! Luckily I just stuck with Elránia and Bella and we did OK.

9. Your top three favorite songs are:
Lalalalala I'm pretending not to listen to you Lalalalala.....

10. Sadly, you have come to the end of this tag. Is it the sort of tag that you'd like to share with your Blogger friends?
Yes, I thought it was excellent. Thanks for tagging me Swirly Girl!

11. You tag...
Jessica Nicole
Olive Tree

Now for the important notice........Treble Clef is less than 100 days away from it's second birthday, and my 700th post is coming up *extremely* soon, with an exciting contest with awesome prizes! :)


Alex said...

Me Alex?

Jessica Nicole said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'll be sure to do it when I find some time. :)
Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are two of my *favorite* series!!

And awesome! Happy early 2nd birthday Treble Clef!! ;)

With Love,
Jessica Nicole

Izori said...

Happy birthday, Treble Clef!