Brrr! I cannot believe that when marching band started I was complaining of the 102º weather! Well, I can....because 102º is rather hot....but that's not the point. The point is, those last few weeks of marching band are more than a little chilly.

And it doesn't help that we practice at night. When it's colder. Really, it's quite funny watching all of us do our little penguin waddles across the field because we have so many layers on! 

My protocol? As many layers as will fit on my body. Often, it's a lot like what I'd wear skiing!

It goes somewhat like this:
UnderArmour shirt
Regular t-shirt
Riot sweatshirt
Marching band jacket
Long john bottoms
Gap sweatpants
Thick socks
Plaid converse
The thickest gloves I can wear and still be able to play trumpet in
A nice warm hat

And of course, drill book and trumpet, complete with plastic mouthpiece.

You've got all that and you turn into a regular trumpet-playing penguin. Like I said, quite funny really. 

And the best part? Our two minute breaks every hour when we can grab some hot chocolate (Thanks music boosters!) and warm up a little.

I just have one quandary with all of this. How are we going to accomplish the choreographed visual for the ballad which requires ease of movement if we're all fat 'ole penguins?


The Golden Eagle said...

That sounds like an ordeal! It's been pretty cold around here too, but I don't have to go out in it at night. :P

Shelley said...

Hope you keep warm with your many layers and hot chocolate! Cute penguin! :)

Izori said...

It's nowhere near as cold here. Where I live there's really more of a spice in the air.

Ripple said...

Too bad we don't have enough time to DRINK the hot chocolate....