Tag (x2)

Yesterday Eldarwen posted a couple tags, neither of which I had done before, and she tagged anyone who wanted to do them!

(1) Would you rather have a cat or dog? A cat! Though I can't have either :(
(2) Do you like to cook? Yes, I find it quite fun and I like baking too.
 (3) What would you do with 1 million dollars? I have no idea. I'd probably start by buying some instruments.....

(4) Do you prefer being outside in the sunshine or inside reading? Both, it depends on my mood.
(5) Do you read my blog often? Um...what?
(6) Do you like big houses or little houses? Well, compared to many my house is on the bigger side but it's far from huge. I think it's the perfect size, so somewhere in the middle.
(7) Do you like starting your own tags or getting tagged? Getting tagged!

(8) If I dropped $10 by accident would you (a) return it to me? (b) go to a store and by as much stuff as you can get? or (c) donate it to charity? I'd return it of course!
(9) Do you like Janette Oke books better or Laura Ingalls Wilder? I've never heard of Janette Oke, but I love Laura Ingalls :)
(10) Brownies or cupcakes? Mmm...I can't decide.
(11) Have you ever had some beverage come out of your nose? Not a liquid of some sort, but my parents have mentioned that when I was little, some spaghetti came out my nose once.

(12) What's one embarrassing thing that has happened to you? 
Last April when I flipped out at my social studies and LA teacher when she picked up my pro trumpet....
and the second tag...
1.What's your favorite book of the Bible? I happen to like Psalms a lot.
2.What's your life verse? I dunno...

3.What's your favorite Bible name? Bartholomew. It makes me smile. :)

4.Ruth or Esther? I'll say Ruth though Esther is also awesome.

5.Abraham or Noah? Noah.

6. Who's your favorite disciple? The Beloved Disciple who we never learn the true identity of.

7.What's your favorite story in the Bible? Noah's Ark and the Creation

8.What's your favorite hymn? You expect ME the MUSICIAN to choose ONE? Are you out of your MIND?

9.Who's your favorite Christan author? No clue.
10.What is your favorite miracle that God performed? Me likes the Resurrection.
Anyone who wants to do these tags is welcome to them! 

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