100 Reasons Why I Love Fall

Cornet Crazie's
100 Reasons Why
Fall is the Very Best Season

  1. School starting
  2. Temperatures are cooling
  3. Colorful foliage on trees- not just green
  4. The 'shush' sound of leaves blown by the wind on the pavement
  5. Chilly wind whipping through my hair
  6. Frost in the morning
  7. Sleeping with several blankets
  8. Cream of wheat for breakfast
  9. Apple picking with the family
  10. Hot apple cider in the morning
  11. A cup of tea after school, while doing homework
  12. Wearing jeans
  13. Wearing sweatpants
  14. Wearing sweaters
  15. Still dark when I wake up
  16. Late night marching band practices
  17. Competitions for marching band
  18. Getting dark early
  19. Putting up Halloween decorations
  20. Corn mazes
  21. Haunted hayrides with your friends
  22. Fireplaces
  23. Knit gloves
  24. Rosy red cheeks
  25. Soups and stews for dinner
  26. Cold rainy days
  27. First snowfalls
  28. Beginning to check ski reports
  29. No humid days!
  30. Honors band auditions
  31. Heavy low clouds
  32. Preparations for Thanksgiving
  33. Making apple pie
  34. Traveling to grandparents
  35. Or staying at home
  36. Homemade applesauce
  37. Capturing fall on camera
  38. Apple crisp
  39. Surprises for Christmas
  40. Out church fair
  41. Playing trumpet at above mentioned fair
  42. Less seasonal allergies
  43. Wearing my thick marching band jacket
  44. Marching band uniforms
  45. Beginning of jazz band
  46. Practicing Christmas carols
  47. Making Christmas lists
  48. Using candles and making the house smell nice
  49. Christmas playlist on my blog
  50. Putting my comforter on my bed
  51. Watching leaves swirl down
  52. Sticking a maple leaf in my ponytail
  53. Riding my bike through leaves on the street
  54. Seeing cute chipmunks with stuffed cheeks
  55. Slipping on acorns, and laughing after
  56. Scaring squirrels away from the bird feeder
  57. Sitting at my laptop by the fire
  58. Winning a gold medal at finals
  59. Plotting for my blogoversary
  60. Curling up on the couch with a good book
  61. Or curling up on my couch to blog
  62. Big, buttery bowls of popcorn
  63. Cinnamon and nutmeg
  64. And my mother telling me not to put too much of it into the apple pie/crisp/sauce
  65. And always sneaking around to put in more because you love it so much
  66. Loving the invention of UnderArmor
  67. Jean jackets!
  68. Corduroy hats with lots of pins
  69. Getting dark early
  70. Smell of woodsmoke
  71. Dreaming of the ski season
  72. The end of summer
  73. Watching pines and evergreens stay green
  74. Explosions of color
  75. All the yummy smells
  76. First quarter grades
  77. Meeting new teachers
  78. Albino pumpkins
  79. Pumpkins in the field
  80. Craving pumpkins
  81. Fond memories of old costumes
  82. Like the year you wear spaghetti and meatballs.
  83. Getting our laptops back
  84. Shivering as it gets colder
  85. Putting up Christmas decorations
  86. Changing the screen doors to glass
  87. Blowing on cold glass and drawing on it
  88. Christmas carols on the radio
  89. Little ice puddles
  90. Brand new school supplies
  91. A very busy schedule
  92. Prepping for the Christmas pageant
  93. Homecoming Sunday at Church
  94. New year in bell choir and singing choir
  95. Looking at decorations around the neighborhood
  96. Hot chocolate every day
  97. Wearing layers
  98. Loving chilly weather
  99. Celebrating fun holidays
  100. It's just that best. So HA!


♠Speed♠ said...

That is very inspiring. :) You are so awesome! I love your blog.

∞Ripple∞ said...

You are the craziest person I have ever met. You like school starting and you are happy about summer being over. I think you need a therepist.....

Cornet Crazie said...

Thanks Speed!

Ripple...well, sue me if I want to live my own crazy life :)

♣icepaw♣ said...

Are you craving pumpkins? Or carving pumpkins? 'Cause I'm doing both ;)