Signs That Spring Has Sprung

Ahh spring. Though it's gray and dreary out right now, the signs are all around that spring, if not sprung yet, is certainly in the midst of springing.

One sign is that it's RAINING. Not snowing, not sleeting, it's raining.
Honest to goodness, lovely unfrozen droplets, falling from the heavens,
melting the gross, dirt-encrusted, black, grimy, slushy, wet, snow.
These first few weeks of spring are when I am most happy to see the rains come. It's poured for a day already and I could't be happier about the weather. BUT, as I told my parents, I will love and embrace the rain until the snow is all gone. After that however, it is only allowed to rain at night, or once a week during the day. 

But of course, if it's raining, it means that the temperature is rising and must now be above 32ยบ. YAY. It's  been 3 months plus of coldcoldcoldcoldcold. It's about time for some heat! The past two days, the temperature has actually gotten above forty. Awesomeness. Warmer weather, in turn, comes with a new spring fashion. It still means I'm wearing jeans (not warm enough for shorts yet!) but they are accompanied by light weight, brightly colored, short-sleeve or three-quarter length shirts instead of my winter garb. Who knows? I may even pull my hair back, or put a nice head band in.  And best of all- FLIP FLOPS.
For example, in the winter, an example of my usual attire would be this:
Dark washed jeans, purple and black plaid converse, long socks, and a tight black sweater. Silver treble clef earrings and necklace, hair worn down. Always down.
Today, for example,
Jeans, a medium washed pair, blue flip flops, a white knit short-sleeved v-neck, silver earrings, and my hair is going up as soon as I finish this post and take a moment to pull it back.

The air is warm and wet, the birds are singing, I'm wearing flip flops and life is good.


hayley said...

ah, spring. :)

The Golden Eagle said...

We just got over a foot of snow here--spring sounds quite nice!