badminton love

Confession: I'm really not that great when it comes to sports.      I'm pretty average. In gym class I can hold my own in the middle of the pack, not terribly awful, not amazing for most sports. I'm a bit better at volleyball, being a really good server and a decent player, and I usually make a couple goals in ultimate frisbee, due to the fact that I have an excellent goal scoring strategy.I'm a complete failure in football and basketball. Honestly, I'm so bad it's really quite hilarious.However, when the badminton unit comes up in gym?You better hope you're not my opponent.

I have no idea why I'm so good at this sport. 

So far in gym we have been playing a round robin short game doubles tournament. My partner and I have played ten games and won all of them. We only have two more games left, but even if we lose on or more of them we're still going to get a really good seed when we start our doubles championship tournament. Yesterday we played four games very quickly, winning 7-1, 7-0, 7-0, and 7-2.After the doubles rounds we'll be doing a singles tournament which will be super fun, because I'm even better at playing singles!

I have no idea how I got this good....I just picked up a racket in sixth grade and started beating everybody..... final words, if you ever see me coming towards you with a shuttlecock and racket in might want to get out on the way.*evil laugh*


Mary Catherine said...

That's so funny considering that Olivia said that she hates it! Ha.
--Love MCat

★Sylvine★ said...

Lucky you, you're at least good at ONE sport! I failed miserably at volleyball, mainly because I didn't want to play. I'm athletic, but not sporty, if that makes any sense. I can outrun or outjump a lot of people, but I hate the competition aspect in sports (and having all of those 'extreme' teammates counting on you to preform 100%). Never played badminton though. Sounds fun. :)