Treble Clef Gets Blown Up

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you

blew up your blog?

what about if you

planted landmines on your header?

and when your friends and followers went to read your latest post

the page exploded in their faces?

You probably have not wondered this. It would be an odd thing to wonder, wouldn't it? However, blowing up your blog in other peoples faces is actually, quite hilarious.

Olivia at Horsefeathers blew me up this I got revenge and planted some internet landmines on my header. So far, I've blown up 36 people. 
Bwahaha. Evil Sally.

And the best part? Pictures of the carnage.

Now, I expect that you want to see for yourself....

So click on the link below....

and laugh your head off as treble clef explodes.


megan ◕‿◕ said...

LOL! Ahahahaha! XD XD

Oh no!!!! I was the 42nd dead person that got blown up.... meanie. >:(

Just kidding. But anyway, LOL!



hayley said...

blahaha!! Too funny! xD

olivia said...

Heehee, I showed you that. <3