Whoopie for Whoopie Pies!

Pardon my absence from posting....I have been very busy. Friday I photographed a middle school jazz festival at my high school, which was fun because I got to hang with my old band, and yesterday was our spring dance and I also went to see the world's largest whoopie pie being put together at our local mall. IT. WAS. EPIC. I listen to the morning show of a local radio station every morning on the the car ride to school and recently all the buzz has been about Maine trying to make the whoopie pie the official state treat. However, problems arose when Pennsylvania claimed the whoopie pie as theirs and only theirs. They were quite rude about it actually, calling us 'misguided moose lovers' and the scandal a 'lip-smacking larceny'. Well, we Mainer's know that the whoopie pie is ours, so we decided to break Pennsylvania's record for the largest whoopie pie. Theirs was 225lbs. Ours? Well.....

Yum :)
Also some TV people interviewed me so if you saw this on the news last also saw me :)


Madeline said...

this blog is sooo cute! I wish my state would set a record for having some kind of large delicious snack. =)

Emilie said...

Wow! That is really cool!

hayley said...


Mary Catherine said...

Oh. My. Word.
How did you restrain yourself from jumping right into the middle of it??
--Love MCat

❉βrooke said...

Oh my goodness, that's so cool!

Oh, I wanted to ask you how you do that thing on your side-bar where if you click on something like 'about me' you see about you but it pops out underneath it.