Bagels + Music. Who Knew?

Who doesn't love a warm, freshly baked, toasted bagel, topped with you favorite cream cheese? I think my favorite two bagels are a sea salt bagel from Scratch Bakery, served cold with just plain bagel, or a toasted everything bagel from Mister Bagel with yummy veggie cream cheese. Ooh. I'm really starting to crave bagels just writing about them! I must remedy that.
*Runs downstairs*
Darn. No bagels in the kitchen...oh well. I've got a couple slices of pizza from dinner last night, that will make a good snack once I'm done with this post.
Anyway, if bagels themselves are so awesome, what happens when you combine bagels with my favorite thing EVER- music?

Ahh, the result would be interesting, wouldn't you think?
Well, this is a story of music and bagels.
Yesterday, we had a sub in band, so we all just sat around and treated it like a study hall. I was sitting with my friends Hannah, Cara, and Isabella and we were talking a bunch, but I was also bored. They all had had homework assigned in their previous class but I had none, and 85 minutes is a long time to sit around doing nothing, plus I had forgotten my Harry Potter book at home which made me sad. So. 
First I was like 'Oh, I should do some practicing.' But all the practice rooms were taken. 
Then I thought 'I'll work on the coda of 'Bring Him Home'. But my chord changes and basic outline of the song home. So basically I ended up right back where I started. And I'm not sure how it started but either Hannah or Cara was like 'Write us a song, Sally! About bagels!' And they went on to explain how it needed to have noises that went 'whoop! whoop! whoop!' and it needed to start out really chill, and then be all attack like and then slow and pretty and happy. Oh, and there had to be chanting of 'Bagels, bagels, oh my soul.' included. 

So yesterday, I wrote them a song about bagels. And it was probably the most fun I have ever had arranging or composing and I was laughing throughout the whole process. But the song came out quite nice actually, and I have the computer recording in this video for you to listen to. However, please be warned that this recording is simply AWFUL. It pays no attention to dynamics, tempos, balance, articulations, fermatas, etc. Plus the slide whistle doesn't, uh, slide and make the 'whoop! whoop!' sound it's supposed to and the clarinet sounds like a 5th grader is playing it. Quite annoying actually. Soon, hopefully, we will have a much better recording that we play. But now I present you with my composition of:

Bagels, Bagels (Oh My Soul)


Hannah Marie said...

Hahaha bagel song :)

[Laurea] said...

Haha, that's quite a catchy song you got there! And the lyrics were genius ;) Unfortunately, if you live where I live you sort of tend to despise bagels because it turns out that New Jersey is also famous for their bagels, and I kid you not when I say we have 5 different bagel stores in my 3-square-mile town. :P So one gets sick of bagels after a while, but they are quite yummy!

Shelley said...

Hmmmm, bagels and music ... interesting ... :) haha, nice video!

Lucy said...

Woahhh, Skeff was sick! Maybe he'll stay sick...