swapping accounts

A long time ago when I made the switch from my old email to my current email I was extremely annoyed with blogger for not letting me change the email that I log into blogger with. Very very irritating. But I realized last night that if I add my current email account as an admin of Treble Clef, and delete my old one from the list, everything should be fine. So this is just a warning to you all, as I switch accounts my profile is going to go through changes, as will this blog. I'm deleting my old account so if I follow you, you're going to lose me as a follower, but just for a little bit of time, until I re-follow you. Just to let you know :)

or not, never mind, blogger is being stupid and won't let me.


❉╬▓rooke said...

You can just add yourself as admin to this blog, go to the account you want to delete and remove yourself as an admin. It should work.

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

omg, I get really annoyed by that too.

One thing. I LOVE your blog template.
Yellow happens to be my favorite color and...yes, your blog is awarded 50 points for awesomeness.

olivia said...

I can do it for you Salamander. Email me.