Feeling Blah

Yeah, Sally's feeling sick. Got some kind of flu-like thing so I'm home from school. This means a few things.

One, I'm sitting on the couch, writing this blog post, drinking tea, and have a TON of tissues around.

Another would be that I'm blasting the Owl City. I love Owl City....I recently heard their new single 'Alligator Sky' which was pretty cool, you should check it out if you're a fan. I'm very excited for the whole new album, All Things Bright And Beautiful to come out in May. I'll certainly be buying that on iTunes as soon as it comes out and trying to get some of the songs from it on my playlist :)

Today I am also hoping to get some good reading time in. One thing I do not like very much about having a busy schedule is that any free time I have is often spent doing homework, not reading. Blah.

I am also thinking about FRANCE. We are leaving in only sixteen days! Eeep! So parents and I want to do a bunch of stuff there, go to a couple museums, Eiffel Towel, the Arch de Triumph, a World War II cemetery near Normandy, stuff like that as well as walking around eating crêpes on the streets that we bought from vendors, speaking in lots of French, eating french chocolates and pastries and breads and cheeses....
My brother on the other hand is a different story. He says 'NO HISTORICAL AND MUSEUM STUFF!!!!!'. He's very adamant about that....all he wants to do is sit around cafés eating baguette all day long. Oh dear. 

I know this has been a rambling post but I'd like to finish it with a picture. This is a picture I took on Friday at the jazz fest of one of the flute players music. I love taking pictures of music, but as I was editing it, my hand slipped and slid a couple of the editing bars and I clicked save at the same time. I thought my picture was probably ruined, but it turned out looking so cool! Here it is:


The Golden Eagle said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I love the picture! It looks so cool. :)

Lucy said...

Dude, I'm gonna hide in your suitcase....Plus I agree with X, baguettes beat museums.

[Laurea] said...

Ah! I'm home sick too! Feel better!

❉βrooke said...

Get well soon!