My good day

I'm just going to list what I did today, well most of it.
Rode bike to school
Before homeroom just walked around and talked to people.
P-1 Math ratio reveiw. Ewwwww. And our assistant prinicipal was reviewing the class. 
P-2 Awesome band sectional! Very funny; tons of fun
P-3 Good science class. Working on lab repors for a lab we did yesterday. I got to do a very colorful and highly illastrated graph and data sheet.
P-4 Spent all of LA corecting our homework.
P-5 Yuck. Health. But 2 lucky things! #1 was no asthma attack and #2 was she put off starting what she calls her "favorite topic".  Ahem. Yes THAT one. Until Friday.
P-6 Fun time in SS! Got to work on our inventor projects! I'm doing Charles G. Conn, inventor of the Bb Conn Director Cornet, which is what I play.
P-7 Plain old good band rehearsal
After school- wrote down all of Mrs. Barry's and students funny quotes for Mrs. Barry and rode bike home. 
Also- There are 2 ducks who have been in our yard all day.
Also again- Tomorrow is poem in you pocket day!


halestone said...

ha. your lucky you had a good science class. i guess i should be glad, cuz we're doing all this cool stuff like planting tomatoes and composting, but my teacher is SO annoying!

Anonymous said...

MY teacher is annoying. sounds like a fun day? i had a strange day. this guy asked me out like 4 times. you should join my blog.

Elrania said...

NO! I know what her favorite subject is. yuck. NOT THAT ONE!!!!!!!

Spottedstar said...

ok i did. know you join mine.

Bellacat said...

huh. i guess that is a good day. we get to dissect cow hearts tomorrow. ewww.