Ewwwwww it's still all humid. If it wasn't, it would be perfect softball weather! Partly cloudy, mid 60's. Perfect. It's just a scrimmage though so everyone will have to play outfield. Booooo. But since we'll only have 8 players today, that means only 2 people in the outfield instead of 4 so lots more action hopefully. Plus also I'll get some innings in my regular positions, 2nd base and shortstop! I love playing the middle infield. Lots of fun! I'll let you know how it goes. Next up.......SPNLL Bobcats vs. SPALL Eastern! 
-Spottedstar in Softball Season =D

PS: Bobcats Rule!!!!

PPS: Spottedstar is really happy that she is playing, even tought she still has a concussion.