awesome today!

Hello everybody! I just got home from school!!! Well I guess I have been here for 15 minutes allready, checking my e-mail and such but SO WHAT? Today was awesome. In our group (7th grade team o' 2. If you don't go to Mahoney please don't ask. It's complex.) well anyway, we spent the whole day doing solar energy stuff. COOL!!!!! First we watched a movie which was actually pretty good, except for we had to sit on the floor. OUCH! Then we split in to 2 smaller groups and rotated around 2 activities. First my group made solar cookers, a lot like the ones they use in SubSaharan Africa. Then we put them out side and left them (with a cup of water) until the end of the day. Then we switched and did the other activity which was making solar cars. It was soooooo much fun. I'm glad I wasn't on the other 7th grade team 'cause they were doing lot's of athletic things which I wouldn't have been able to do. Then after lunch we went to see how far the tempurature of the water had rose and ours was at about 95* F!
OK now 3 things-
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Elrania said...

we had a fitness day. i LOVE solar cookies!!!!!

halestone said...

speaking of science, today in science my teacher was running a type of labor camp and we were shoveling the flower beds, and whoopsie! i shoved my shovel in and my thumb got caught in the shovel. now i have a deep hole in my thumb that is absolutely repulsive and i have our FINAL SHOWING for the play tonight!

Anonymous said...

13 followers is "sooooo few??!!!" I have like 12 and I'm not complaining. Better to keep it just to your friends and people you know than strangers.

Spottedstar said...

yeah ok..... btw elraina solar COOKERS not COOKIES!

Elrania said...

sally, calm down. i did that just to see your reaction.