Red Sox

I love the Red Sox. Yes Elrania I know you like the Yankees, and HorseFeathers that you know nothing about baseball, but I love baseball. I play softball too. I have been to two Sox games they were so much fun. My brother constanly reminds me that "opening day is coming very very soon." and that "we need to go smash some wiffle balls outside." Yep that's how I spend my Spring and Summer, "smashing" wiffle balls.......

-this is my not so good attempt at a music note

Au Revoir!
-Spottedstar/Cornet Crazie


Elrania said...

they should call the Red Sox the Stinky Sox instead.

Spottedstar said...

evil evil evil!!!

HorseFeathers said...

Heehee I don't support any team I just like teasing Sally so... STINKY SOX! hahaha! :D