Awesome Possum and PURPLE too!!!!!

Hello everybody! Happy Easter (a little early) !!!!!!!! I am playing my cornet at all 3 of my church services tomorrow. My favorite one is defiatly the Sunrise Service at Fort Williams. It's cold, early and fun!!! (Elrania-which one are you going to?) Do you want to see a pivture of my totally awesome possum music stand? If you don't, then don't scroll down!

Yeah I know PUrPLE!!!!! isn't it great? Happy Easter!


Elrania said...

I have that stand too! even thought i never use it!

halestone said...

i love purple!

Spottedstar said...

I know you do elrania! remember how we almost got them mixed up at band camp?? uh-oh we better put our names on them this year! especially if we're sharing a dorm room!

halestone said...

band camp? SHEESH your obsessed!!!!