a boring well make that interesting no.... i'm not sure what kind of day!

My day today and all about it!
Spring jazz was good........and huge!
Math was usual.
Gym was boring, as watching people do pull-ups always is.
We watched the strangest movie ever in science.
LA was too much talk by Mr. Patashnik and not enough work.
French was fun, except for my athsma attack.
Lunch was great as it always is!
There was too much stinkn outlining work in SS
Workshop was busy with band or chorus; completely normal
After school I had to teach 2 hyper 6th graders how to play trumpet.
Drama was great as I was only there for about 5 minutes!
Piano was surprisingly good.
I am going to handbells very very soon.


Elrania said...

drama is FINALLY starting to make some progress! :)

Spottedstar said...

i know. how'd it go while i wasn't there? was she mad a lot?