I have had a great day today. First of all, we had just about the awesomest jazz practice ever. In science we dissected pig hearts which was really cool until after making a bunch of cuts and taking stuf out I started feelling a bit sick to my stomach. (but it was really fun) And then I went to a doctor who finally told me that I am all clear and can play softball!!!!!!! And that it was fine for me to have been playing my cornet. Yay!!! Also we had a funny incident in French where we were supposed to be describing what a person in the room was wearing. So the first kid says one thing and thens he means to say noir pantalons (black pants for you non-French speakers) but what he really said was noh pantalons (No pants!). Ooops. So the teacher was like "!?!NOH PANTALONS!?!" so it was pretty funny and even he thought so. And then drama was good so I am smiley right now! =D

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