vacation: fun or boring?

I don't really know what vacation is gonna be like. Here's what I know and whether it will be boring or fun.

Church-pretty fun
YM clean-up and picnic at Fort Williams-Definitely fun!

The Week:
At my Grandparents- Fun 'cause we can go swimmimg, hiking I can play my cornet lots, and my grandmother makes great food! On the other hand, my 2 little cousins will probably be there a lot and, well, let's just say that might not be so great for this constant headache of mine. 

And lastly next Saturday a group from church is going up the UCC camp in West Gardiner, Pilgrim Lodge to get the place cleaned up for summer camps. Fun, boring, IDK!


Elrania said...

i love vacation but it gets boring just sitting around sometimes.

Spottedstar said...

yeah. i agree

halestone said...

sorry spottedstar! im not going to church tomorrow but have fun :)
vacation: boring