My new poll

Please vote on my new poll!!!! But, please vote only once (not on 2 different computers). OK that's it. Hang on.....I have one, no two more things.
Thanks Rainfire for the idea for this poll
Please comment on what YOU would like the next poll to be.


Elrania said...

hmmmmmmm, what the next poll should be, i'll think on that one.

Anonymous said...

I voted for the Blue-striped Grunt. I love those little guys. Who voted for the spotted moray? Those dudes are cute too but they're vicious. I think the next poll should be fave movie, with LoTR, Wall-E, Bridge to Terabithia, etc

Spottedstar said...

i love blue-striped grunts too! but spotted morays rock! it was a close call.