Hip Hip Horray!

Yippe Skippe! My grandparents now have wireless! So I WILL be blogging while I am gone. Just probably not as frequently. Drive up here was not much fun. Too long. Watched Mamma Mia though. It was a dissapointment. Brother and ousins in the next room over watching Harry Potter 2. They are at the part when Harry is about to die from the fang and my cousins are like "He's going to die! Oh no! He's dying!" Hee hee they don'y know that he survives. Well I think I'll go work on my story now. I'm about at the climax and the story is really exciting.


halestone said...

ooh!!!!! i absolutely LOVE mamma mia!!!!!!! its my favorite movie EVER! well i also like best in show and the pink panther. but i love the songs from mamma mia. mamma mia here i go again my my how can i resist ya? i was brokenhearted blue since the day we parted my my how can i let you go mamma mia here i go again my my how can i resist ya?

Elrania said...

hey sally, you want more followers right? I'll ask my other blogger friends to follow your blog.

HorseFeathers said...

Yeah I saw Mamma Mia on a Greyhound bus up from Boston (first one I ever took and I was alone too) and didn't know it was all Abba songs until I heard "Dancing Queen" LOL

Bellacat said...

i LOVE MAMMA MIA! what do you mean it was a disappointment? and how can youo not know harry doesn't die?