Number 100!!!!!!!!

This my 100th post! Yay! Yippe Skippe! OK since this is number 100, I will try to do the 101 random things OK. And SS will stand for Spottedstar. Here goes!

  1. SS is hungry and will have breakfast after she finally finishes this.
  2. SS is hosting the pow-wow tonight.
  3. SS has been 13 for about a month and a 1/2
  4. SS wishes that she could have brought her laptop home for vacation.
  5. SS need to go make Hawktalon's warrior nametag
  6. SS's li'l brother, Hawktalon, is in the living room watching Harry Potter 5.
  7. SS is surrounded by piles of old music.
  8. SS can't wait until 4 o'clock when she can finally stop cleaning the house.
  9. SS found a really cool poem called "I Am Growing a Glorious Garden".
  10. SS's computer was acting really funny last night and kept adding millions of new tabs on it's own.
  11. SS can play the Star Spangled Banner from memory.
  12. SS can't to read the SunClan book tonight.
  13. SS wishes 101 wasn't such a big number.
  14. SS can play 10 notes on a trombone.
  15. SS's mom says that SS's purple stand is going to poke somebody's eye out.
  16. Deformed scallions are coming up in SS's garden.
  17. SS's wishes that some grass would grow on that empty lot next door.
  18. SS wonders whether she can run barefoot outside, or whether there is still glass on the ground from the car explosion.
  19. SS's favorite shoes are flipflops
  20. SS has started riding her bike to school.
  21. SS say's in fake cheerful voice *Only 80 more!*
  22. SS really likes the Crayola marker color of Iguana Green.
  23. SS got all A's and all ones (ones are *outstanding*, not *that stinks!*)
  24. SS hopes she can play softball soon.
  25. SS is fed up with her stinkin headache
  26. SS is sharing this computer desk with some wierd alien from a McDonald's Happy Meal. YUCK!
  27. SS is happy that it will be warm today.
  28. 28 is SS's lucky number!
  29. SS would like you to look down at the bottom of the whole page and tell her what you think.
  30. SS wonders if anyone will actually read this whole thing.
  31. SS wants more people to comment.
  32. SS hopes here softball team wins the championship.
  33. SS hopes her arm is better enough so that she can pitch this year.
  34. SS's stomach hurts. Probably because she is hungry.
  35. SS wonder's whether Hawktalon will like his nametag or throw it out the window.
  36. SS wonders whether she will be able to read out on her porch today.
  37. SS only got to 37 because her mom says it's time to start cleaning........ugh.


Elrania said...

at first i thought that SS was the $ sign. it's early in the morning and im not seeing things right.

halestone said...

yay! congratulations on your 100th post!