hmmmmmm i wish it would snow

No I am not crazy. I LOVE snow! (Until it's March and it's all soggy and wet and disgusting) Why do I love snow? Cause I'm a skier!!!! Skiing is definitely my favorite sport. It's seriously like flying over snow with this wind in your face, it's just awesome. Oh. I guess I should clear this up. I ski DOWNHILL. Not cross-country. Not as thrilling in my opinion. So, for all you skiers out there I have some awards! There is one for downhill and one for cross-country.


Bella said...

* shun the snow lover! *

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Bella. Thanx for the X-country award though.

I can do the button for your friend, sure. Not at this moment (I'm in school) but this week. KK?