Contest Results

This contest turned out to be sort of a drag but thank you sooooooooo much to the 4 people who entered. Your poems were all really awesome. You all get custom signatures from me and the winner receives a custom makeover from Olive Tree!

I want you to know that this was very hard.......

In 4th place...DREAMSTAR!!!!!!!

This was her poem:

I was scared the first time;
The second I rode by night;
By the third he had my heart;
After the fourth it was just a steady climb.

The wind blew through the trees;
Creating a harmony among others;
The sun shone high and bright;
Hear the wind blow free;

A chestnut mane whipped around;
Sending flurries of snow everywhere;
There were two, two were free by heart;
They were bound;

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In second place is.....BELLA!!!

Here is her poem:

have you ever noticed
how snow smells
like silence

blank and nothing
it makes quiet
and peace

if you sit
inside some snow ever

even silence has a story.

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In second place was.....EMMA!!!

Here is her poem....

She sits
pondering the
rises, falls
of the waves
She wonders
if God put them
on this Earth
to remind
us of our life
And that the
rises, falls
are just like life
Out to sea
You wonder
if everything
has turned against you
You wonder
how you
could feel so hated
Tidal wave
You wonder
why things could
smooth out the way they did
You wonder
how your friend
could stand to give you
a shoulder
Sight of land
She decides
that God did put them
to remind us of
our life
And she knows
she is loved
And she is comforted

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And the winner is.....BREANNE!!!!!!! Congrats!

This was her poem:

As I gaze
Upon the fish,
I remember
My only wish.
As they swim
To and fro,
I think about
Your radiant glow.
The way you laughed
At all my jokes;
Fighting back tears,
I try not to choke.
This aquarium
Holds so many memories;
From the sharks
To the sea anemones.
My open hand
Against the cool glass case,
Longing for your warm embrace.
And as I sit here,
All alone,
I think about how
You didn’t answer your phone.
Now I realize
I should make a choice:
To wait so long
To hear your voice,
Or to go and find
A different path;
Find a new love.
You do the math.
I’m leaving you;
Once and for all.
I probably
Won’t even call.
I’ll forget you
Like you forgot me.
I’ll find a new love,
Just wait and see.

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Bella said...

yyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!! thanks!

Dreamstar said...

How do I get my signature? it's not working...or I just don't understand it...

Breanne said...

ok, so me being technically challenged (ahem), how do i put the signature on my posts? sorry if this question sounds really stupid, but i cant figure it out. im new to blogger, so i dont know how to do these things :D

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

copy/paste it onto your post if your on a PC and drag onto your dashboard and upload to your post if you are on a Mac. once it's on the post click 'show HTML' a code will come up instead of the picture. copy the code and go to settings. go to 'formatting'. scroll down to the bottom box. paste it in there and save. DONE!

Emma said...

thanks, Cornet!

Floppyj10 said...

Great poems everyone and congrats!

The Cornet Crazie...I love your blog! I'd be so happy if you visited mine at

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Thanks Floppuj10! I checked it out and am now following!