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Welcome to the Treble Clef Advertising Page!!! As you probably know, I really don't hold with advertisment of your blog on my normal posts, but here's the place I WANT you to go all out saying why we should visit your blog. Here I'll start:

Well, all I can say for Treble Clef is 'Come Back Soon!!!'

I would love it though if you checked out my other blog, Anecdote. You can click the button on the sidebar.

So that's that! Comment here to advertise your blog!


Cassie said...

Okay, here's me:

I've had my blog since January and I love to write and I post about my life.
It's a place where I share my thoughts, stories and photographs that I've taken and pictures of my daily life.

I love getting new followers and meeting new people. So, stop by my blog and if you comment to let me know that you've been there I'll check out your blog too!

Visit me at:


Dreamstar said...

Come to Wings of a Horse! A pleace where you follow the life of a horse-rider, leaning on wings! A writer, photographer(a new one! =D) and to follow her randomness!!!

Anonymous said...
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Eskän said...

It's A Bird! - A blog of a Girl, her cat, and everything in between! View VIP art collections before shown on other blogs, watch a bi-weekly show on that answers a question asked by the viewers and all the crafty-works and many other things/events of a simple yet so complex teenage girl, Eskän!

Bella said...

Hello! My blog, Of the Sea, is mostly miscellaneous snipits of this and that, and hopefully some pictures of the world around us. I recently redid my blog after a month of temporary retirement from it. Stop by and check out the new and improved (and improving...) blog of life!

Emma said...

Hi, all! I love visiting everyone's blogs, and I would love for my blog to have more followers. here it is:

The life and lies of a soccer-loving, tree-hugging, friend-faithful, author and athlete who has fallen in love with all the seasons, particularly summer!
I love to post short anecdotes with lots of pictures, and i will occasionally hold contests. Please visit!

Maddie said...


Please Visit! iheart art is a blog that combines art to make it a whole new one! anyone whos interested is allowed to post their own art and become an author! anyone can advvertise if they have a blog that has to do with art so please come and follow i heart art!

now the second one,

Breezie + Maddie is a crazy random blog where we post appropriae videos, pictures, and randomness! its very humorous and we would love if you followed! so join now at! thanks!

thats it thanks!

fallenleaf said...

hello heres the blog!!!

A blog about books, photography, Tae Kwom Do, and my random fall-loving thoughts please visit and comment!!!

Thank You!!! :)

Twinkle Toes said...

Well, my blog, Through the Racquet and into the Blog, is just about my life and randomness sort of like Treble Clef. It's for me to express my thoughts and opinions and just to have fun and be creative!

☮CherrystarLuv✿ said...

Random Bananas! A Blog about a cute 11 year-old who likes bananas! (not really and I am trying to post more)

come, it's time to FINALLY, chat 'bout BANANAS!

Alexandra said...

***Explore the magical places of photography right before your eyes! 'Visually Alex' is a blog where I'm able to express myself through my camera. Seeking the beauty of the world, is what I have passion for doing. So you can sit back, relax, and watch with amazement as I click the 'POST' button on my blog :)

--> (Currently in construction)

horse lover said...

I just love your blog. So complex, yet so simple! The true life of a teenage girl..

Acadia said...

Come to

✯Star Girl✯ said...

I want to advertise:

Name: Summer Times
Description: It's a newspaper about my life, though it doesn't have any personal stuff! There are articles and fun stuff!

Name: Magicville
Description: It's a town where everyone has powers. It has 3 schools, 1 playground, an orphanage, a pool and lots of nice people.

Name: LunaClan
Description: A fun clan with exciting things to do. There is currently a prophecy.

Name: The Magic Ones
Description: It's an old village that was destroyed a long time ago. Everyone is trying to restore the village.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'd like to advertise Forever Photography, a new
photography blog by me! Go to the link below for fun photography and more about me!