A couple of blogs you may want to check out

First off, I'm back to the Cornet Crazie. Suits me better. And didn't I find the CUTEST profile picture?? Anyway......Yesterday and Tuesday a couple friends told me they had just made some blogs, etc, and wanted me to fix them up. So they're done now and look pretty neat. One of them has the Willa design and one has this background but I made a new header. Here they are:

Musical Madness by Anna 13

Low Brass: Live the Life of Bass Clef by Queen of Low Brass

Check them out if you want!

Other REALLY big news is that Treble Clef is going to get a makeover!!!!! Olive Tree promises it will be ready if not this weekend, by the end of vacation. I'm really excited to see the winter look!!!

Wow. Um. I guess I'd better hurry up and get ready for jazz band. This long post has put my a little behind schedule!

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