Daybook, Shows, and Contest

First I'll start with this weeks daybook entry:

Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.

Date...November 1, 2009
Starting time...9:56 AM
Outside my sky partly cloudy. Perfect weather for a show!
I'm thinking... about my band winning gold medals yesterday
I'm reading... The Last Olympian
I'm listening to...XanFan and my dad talking
I'm wearing... jeans and my white and gray Areo shirt
Yesterday, I...Went to MBDA finals. We got gold!!!
I'm excited for...NESBA finals today
I'm sad because...I didn't get to do anything for Halloween
I'm hungry for...Nothing, I just ate
The song stuck inside my head is...Corner Pocket
I steal some candy from XanFan
I love...marching band :)
I loathe...trumpets that don't work
This week, my goal write a rhyming poem
Did I meet last week's goal?... YES!
Ending time... 10:03 AM

Now about my shows. Yesterday we went to the MBDA finals and got a gold medal. We were 1/3 bands that got gold. (that's a 4 star average) Today we go to NESBA finals- a 3 hour drive away.

And about the contest. I'm extending the date until the 8th. You can enter HERE

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