Don't rain on my parade! (but of course, it did)

Walking out of the parking garage, Super Gato and I already know we've come to the right place. A group stands outside, all wearing red Mahoney band shirts and jeans. The fun starts there. The ferry ride is short and fun, as me and Super Gato and our band director's daughter stand on the upper deck and let the wind blow in our faces. It takes a long time to get the parade started but finally we stand on a dirt side road and wait. But the sky is dark, full of rain-heavy clouds. Uh-oh. When we start, it's drizzling. Down at the boat landing were another 7th grader and I play Taps, it's not just a sprinkle any more. But marching to the cemetery is the worst. Now it's just a straight downpour. Blah. By the time that we're done playing in the graveyard, everybody is totally happy to stop playing. And by the time we get to the cookout, the sky id clearing and the sun is shining through the last disappearing clouds. Ahhhh. What a great day.(mostly) Except for the rain.

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