What a night!

Last night was such an amazing night! Sorry to bore some of you with softball but this I gotta tell! We were playing VFW, who had beat us pretty badly last time. And by the bottom of the second it wasn't looking that great. 4-0. But I had made a great catch to fir their 3rd our and our leadoff batter hit a home run so, it kinda got us Bobcats ready to rally. We didn't get any more in the second but on in the 3rd, 4th and 5th. When we up in the 6th, it was 4-6, VFW. When the tying run scored, a small explosion rocked the dugout. But there were 2 outs and the next batter popped out. Extra innings. We did well in the field, I played 3rd, and we only let in 1 run. 7-6. Our turn at bat. First batter gets on base, second batter gets on too. Next to batters get out with no advancement from the runners. One runner hit home. 7-7 with a runner on 3rd. The screaming and cheering gets louder and louder. The count at the plate tightens. A pass ball is thrown and the runner on 3rd goes. SAFE! Yells the ump. Yes! Bobcats have won!!!! 7-8 in 7 innings. The screaming, cheering, hugging and clapping is unbelieveable. It feels like we've won the championship already! After we all go to Red's Ice Cream and sit on the curb by the street. There certainly is no "I" in our team! We all did well and all made mistakes. And that's what softball's all about.

Thought for the Day: If you forget to bring home your instrument today, you'll be sorry!


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oh believe me. it was.