Softball and *sniff* trumpet

Everybody have a good Memorial Day? I did. This evening I went over to the house of one of the girls on my team. We did a lot of pitching practice and then I stayed for dinner. In fact, my friend has become my latest follower! Yay! So anyway, had a lot of fun and (most of the time) was getting my pitches in the strike zone. 

Tomorrow I get to miss Health!!! Yay!!!!!!! I have a doctor's appointment, but that's great compared to Health! But one bad thing about tomorrow though. I-I have, have to-to play a-a-a a trumpet. *sniff* (SS proceeds to throw a very large hissy fit on the floor) yes. It's true. Spit valve pads and and valve pads must be replaced. Sigh........

Though for the day: Trumpets are not fun to play

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