Just got back from my brother, XanFan's, game. They won 6-8. Yeah! Go Bears! I have spring jazz tomorrow. I just love spring jazz. We still need a name though. Last year we were The Enormous, ummmm word I can't spell, Ubiquitous Mahoney Jazz Band. Or as our teacher called us: HONK.  We have 3 great songs.

Thought for the Day: The best part of Tuesday's and Thursday's is when it's 7 o'clock in the morning and you are the only one in the halls and the auditorium. Especially when it's winter and it's really dark outside and inside you haven't turned the lights on yet. And if it's snowing, then it is such the best because you stand at the window and watch it fall until the next person comes and maybe shares it with you. But all is ruined when you turn on the lights.............

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