Wow! I didn't post at all yesterday! Oh well, this will be a long one. So yesterday I spent the morning doing laundry and then I was at an awesome backyard party from 2:15-9:15. It was sooooo much fun! There were no other 7th graders but there were tons of 6th graders and I knew and am friends with them too. They had a pool which was mostly freezing until the end when we stayed in for much longer. And then, when we were cold we got to jump in the hot tub. We played a lot of volleyball and there was a grumpy lady who got steaming mad if we put one foot over her property line to grab the ball. Sheesh. But today is the Peak's Island parade! It's going to be fun, but I'm worried about my secondary spit valve (location: end of 3rd valve slide) which I found broken yesterday. Yeah. So there's no technician in until Tuesday so I just have to get through the weekend with no problems! Also the 8th graders have backed out of Taps and are leaving me and the other 7th grader who's in 8th grade band alone in that situation. Yeah.....I hope it goes well.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Spottedstar said...

just got back. it was!