I must be really tired. And allergic to something. My eyes are all itchy, blah. Had a good day at school. 8th grade band went pretty well; had a lot of fun. We are working on this REALLY hard song, Appalachian Morning. It's the original form of Opus 127 by someone and Spottedstar is having trouble remembering who. Anyway, first off it's really slow. Really. Like 60 (quarter note gets one beat) which is wicked SSSSSSSSSSS--------LLLLLLLLLLL---------OOOOOOOO---------WWWWWWW. And the counting is really hard because of that and there are all these wacky entrances, rests and note combos plus a bunch of octave and 3/4 jumps between 2 notes, (2!) which is really hard on your embouchure. Well gotta go. Bye!

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