sooooooo hot

Wow! 90* out! Riding home, uphill in this heat is not on the top of my pleasure list. It wasn't that great. Had a great day! And now I sit at the computer sucking on a delicious raspberry popsicle. Yum! So softball tonight, gonna be uncomfortable in those long pants and I feel really bad for our catchers! Great jazz this morning too. Well I'm going to wrap this up and go read but I'll end with saying drink lots of water in this heat! Oh and one more thing. I haven't gotten any comments on the last 4 or 5 posts which is not up to your usual standards, followers!

Thought for the Day: Vie, Liberte, Bonheur.... (for you non-French speakers that's Life, Liberty and Happiness......)

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Elrania Peredhil said...

I'm drinking water, don't worry! :)