lots of pictures

Just took lot's and lot's of cool pictures so I'll put a lot of them here. Hope you like them!

My tadpoles! Aren't they adorable? They've gotten really big over the past few days!

Stray stuff we've picked up at various beaches. I'm such a pack rat!

Blueberrys have started to form on our bushes!

One of the things we gave my mom for Mother's day was a lilac tree. Here are some of the flowers.

We have sooooooooo much clover in our yard!

Love this quote!

My friend and I decided to do a bit of doodling on the driveway yesterday.......

My summer camp! Totally awesome!!!!!!

So those are my pictures and starting with this one, I'm going to end my post with a thought, comment, or quote about something in my day:

Today's thought: Marching band practice, is a whole lot more fun when it's warm outside.