My Favorites

Color: light, bright green
Food: Apple pie, chili, or tamale pie
School subject: BAND!
One of my favorite songs: 1812 Overture
Number: 28
Sports: Skiing, Field Hockey, Softball
Animal: Cat
Tree: Weeping willow
Instrument: CORNET!
Flower: tiger lily

Now in your comment tell me what YOUR favorites (the same Q's) are! Gotta go to church now....bye!


Anonymous said...

Color: Celery green
Food: Sushi, chocolate, and ice cream
School subject: Art
Song: Lady Sweet by Big Star
Number: 12
Sports: um. Horseback riding?!
Animal: horse
Tree: Birch
Instrument: Electric bass guitar
Flower: Any sort of wildflower, but I HATE ROSES

halestone said...

Color: green green
Food: lentil soup, dumplings, spaghetti
School subject: french
Song: Miracle Drug
Number: 2
Sports: baseball, running
Animal: cat
Tree: Oak, white birch
Instrument: piano
Flower: just something colorful, mysterious, fairytale-ish, beautiful

Spottedstar said...

cool you guys! thanks!

Bellacat said...

Color: summer-sky blue
School subject: art & IT
One of my favorite songs: Sweet Annie
Number: 72
Sports: badminton or tennis
Animal: elephant
Tree: birch
Instrument: piano
Flower: cherry blossom