I feel dead...

I feel dead......... rode my bike to school and had a full day of school with lots of hard word and all that good stuff. Then 2 1/2 hours of drama rode bike home, was at my house for 7 minutes and then was on the road to softball, which I just got back from. Oh and progress reports came out today. (Progress reports come out at the middle of each quarter so you can see how you are doing so far. Report cards come out at the end of each quarter.) Got all A's and A+'s and good comments from my teachers so that is good. OK time for supper now!


gostumpie said...

Yay! You got all A's and A+'s! Your doing better than me!... Which isn't suroriseing, but, hey can you follow my blogs?

Spottedstar said...

ok i am. will you follow mine?