Complete Crazyness!

OK so first of all we were supposed to have practice tonight. Then our other coach says "we should watch the Dodgers vs. Amotos game because it will probably be really close." So then we were going to do that. But then the game got canceled. And so did the VFW vs. Braves game because of the 5th grade Boston trip. So VFW manager calls Bobcats manager (my dad) at 10 o'clock last night and says "Because we can't play you next Wednesday because of the 5/6 concert, and the Braves can't play tomorrow (which is now today), sooooooo how 'bout the Bobcats play us today!" So that's what I'm doing. Practice turns into watching a game then into a practice agin and then playing a game. CRAZY!!!!!!

Though for the Day: Never trust the first softball schedule that was sent out at the beginning of the season.

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