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Good day. Just your regular Friday, except for it felt a lot like a Wednesday. Strange... I know a lot of you followers and commenters have wanted to read my story, Trumpet's Secret. So I will post a little bit on here when I can and if you miss a post you'll just have to go back first. 'K? K. Here's the first bit.....

Part 1: The Discovery

    The sky was just beginning to lighten as Mrs. Ochono crossed the bridge into South Portland, Maine.  It was October now, and the days steadily grew shorter as winter approached.  Not many cars were out at 7 o'clock in the morning, and the ones that were on the street crawled sleepily along. She pulled into the parking lot of Mahoney Middle School, where she worked as a band director. As Mrs. Ochono climbed out of her car she had the most peculiar sensation that something extraordinary would happen on this day. It was a dark time. Something extraordinary might help. There was war, pollution, an economic crisis, and global warming threatening the country. But Mrs. Ochono just shook her head and walked inside the building.
    Inside the auditorium, Kasta Shepsheir anxiously awaited the arrival of her band director. She had an important question to ask. As she glanced out the window she noticed Mrs. Ochono's large silver car drive into the lot. Finally.
    When Mrs. Ochono entered the hallway the first thing she saw was the smiling face of one of her students, Kasta Shepsheir. "Hi Mrs. Ochono!" she called out cheerfully. "Hey... do you think you could get me that Harmon mute for my All Blues solo please? It'd really help." But Mrs. Ochono seemed to be in her own private world, only stopping to say "Hello" and "I'll look" to Kasta. Something seemed wrong.

Thought for the day: Listen to the music, and tune to it, for music IS life.

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