Strange Comments and Snow!

YAY!!!!!!!! It snowed yesterday and last night! We actually got 6 inches so I'm very happy.
"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas........" I hope. Speaking of that do you want to do a carol contest? The gist of it would be that I would pick some very random lines from Christmas carols and you have to guess what carols they come from. Some would be easy and some quite hard. (most of them hard) And the reason they'll be hard? Whoever wins gets a makeover! This includes header, avatar, signature, background, post divider (if you know how to put one on cause I don't know). Sorry but I have know idea how buttons work and how to connect them to your blog and such. Everything will be custom, except the background, unless someone is willing to share the dimensions with me :)

And now, I've been getting some odd comments. They aren't mean, just odd. On last week's daybook they commented:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hi, how are you? synthroid online [url=]cheap synthroid[/url] online And then they said on my post about science, "Better late than never............" They're just so totally random, I'm kinda weirded out. Also, since I'm planning on 3 posts today, that means after today, it's only 10 posts until 400!!!! Whatdaya what? I was thinking a special thing for each of my followers. And also, if I can get 4 more followers before then, it will be EVEN BETTER!


Delaney said...

Wow that was a very....... interesting comment.

Glow Fish said...

Cool! I'll totally join your contest! :)

Also, weird comments like that may be solicitations, I get some of those on my blog every once in a while sometimes.

Glow Fish said...

Oh! And if you don't like those comments you can just block all anonymous comments if you want.

Anonymous said...

She knows, Glow Fish. That is veeery odd... go to the site and do the same LOL! JK.

Glow Fish said...

hahaha! Just trying to help. (everybody knows that ((I think)) just reminding.)