A 400th Post Special!

No it's not my 400th post. Yet. But it will be soon and one of the things I'm starting right now is this little special! FREE headers, and FREE avatars. Yep. That's right! Just comment, and I'll do it! All you have to do is fill out this form:

Blogger Name:
Blog Name:
Blog URL:
Header or Avatar:
2 or 3 column blog?:
Specific Pics:


Blogger Name: •The Cornet Crazie•
Blog Name: Treble Clef
Blog URL:
Header or Avatar: header
2 or 3 column blog?: 3
Colors: black an white
Theme: musical
Specific Pics: treble clefs and eighth notes


Anonymous said...

My name is Englehart
My Blog name is Advice
I would like a avatar!

OK I would like my avatar to have brunette hair with hazel eyes please!

Thanks for all this wonderful blogging you have given us and thanks for this ... chance for you to make us these things!

☮CherrystarLuv✿ said...

Blogger Name: CherrystarLuv
Blog Name: SnowingClan
Blog URL:
Header or Avatar: Header! I made a header but i messed up and it is horrible!
2 or 3 column blog?: Well, I am trying to get a three-coulmn, so probebly a three column.
Colors: Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue, and White
Theme: Snow and a Clan (just snow if you want)

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

done and done! i'm really pleased at how your header came out cherrystarluv! they will be posted along with my 400th post so keep checking!

Warriors101 said...

Blogger Name: Warriors101
Blog Name: StarClans Prophecys
Blog URL:
Header or Avatar: Header!
2 or 3 column blog?: 2 column!
Colors: Blue, goldish (for stars), Light Blue, White, Maybe Black
Theme: Stars, Moon, Cats (starry cats)
Specific Pics: None!