This is post 400!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!! 34 days from being a year old and Treble Clef is at 400 posts! From Cornet Crazie in Action to Treble Clef, from Spottedstar28 to •The Cornet Crazie•, from 1 follower to 48, Treble Clef is thriving!

First I'm going to get to the orders that people have placed. AND as a special bonus, cause I'm feeling that holiday spirit, you can still order headers and avatars up through Christmas Day!!!!!!!!! Click on your images to save them. (You must click on them so that they are shown at full size)

Here is the avatar for Engleheart.

These are your 2 headers CherrystarLuv.

and finally.....

Hannah's header.

Now I'd like to recognize some very special people. My Followers!

This is for ALL of my followers.

Now the final awards are for the first 3 followers of Treble Clef, who are not myself and are still on blogger. If your name is below, grab the award!

Thanks guys, all my followers rock!!!!

(and I'll post chapter 1 soon)


♥Glow Fish♥ said...

So cute!! Congrats on your 400th post Cornet Crazie! :)

Twinkle Toes said...

Woot woot! Congrats CC! 400 posts...WOW! Soon it'll be 500! ;)