Yippee, it's Christmas Eve! What are your plans?

Yesterday was our last day of school (sadly, it was a full day). I gave all my teachers little bags filled with delicious chocolate peace cookies (you should have SEEN the look on my band directors face. She LOVES chocolate) We didn't do much work, which was cool but the best part came after school when Bella, Hannah, Super Gato and I went over to Hannah's house for a little Christmas party, which was SO much fun. We watched a movie, ate lots of junk food and gave each other the presents that were so hard to keep a secret. I gave each of them a piece of jewelry and a collage that I made for them.

Hannah gave me some cool little doo-dads, including a pencil that is twisted at the top into a music note, a trumpet bookmark, a trumpet bumper sticker, a little journal, and some body lotion.

Super Gato gave me a pretty cubed clear and green bracelet, a blue necklace with a pretty heart charm made out of a blue shell and some music note stickers.

Finally, Bella gave me some cute plaid earmuffs and A BATON. Yeah. The perfect addition, along with all the other musical things I got. Thanks for making this start of vacation the best ever, you guys :)


*Ripplestar* said...

Even Mr. Carter? He totally CREEPS me out, his skin hang of his face and it makes him look rubber! EEEEEEWWWWWW!!!

Glow Fish said...

Merry Christmas!

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

yes, ripplestar. i don't wanna be discriminatory.

thank you glow fish! have a nice holiday as well! and i LOVE your new profile picture.

Cassie said...

Merry Christmas!